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House of Warfare


house of warfare

We are your one stop shop for Medieval & Renaissance items and also the  largest source of Native American craft supplies,  Muzzle-loader Supplies ,  Crafts Supplies . 

We carry high quality battle-ready Armour, shields, and other weaponry of the past and present. 

Here is a list of things that we offer: Medieval Swords, Medieval Clothing,  Functional Armour, Decorative Armour, Chainmail, Leather Armour, Medieval Daggers,  Fantasy Daggers, Medieval Helmets, Pirates, Knights, Medieval Shields, Drinking Horns , Scottish Shields, Bucklers & Bosses , Battle Axes, Maces, Castle Decor , Spearhead , Journal & Note books ,Hand forged camping gear, Crafts Supplies , Tomahawks, Pipe Axes & Smoking Hawks. 

We are continuously developing/ improving and increasing our range of products of antique reproductions and general handicraft goods. Right from the word go, House of warfare emphasis has always been on creating historically accurate replicas/products .We take pride in telling one and all that “any one who buys our items, becomes our regular customer". In addition, we have a vibrant customer care department to ensure instant solution of problems and build long time association.