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Ballock Dagger with Leather Scabbard


This is a dagger with a straight, double-edged blade tapering from haft to point. The wooden hilt has a guard with spherical bulges on each side. This particular form/ shape gave its name to this type of dagger, Kidney Dagger, Bollock Dagger or Kidney Dagger, The hilt is carved from one single piece of wood and the sheath is made of genuine leather. The high carbon steel blade is not sharpened.

Overall Length of Dagger : 50cm

Blade Length : 32cm

Handle Length : 18cm

Approx Weight  : 470 Gm

Viking Dagger With Leather Sheath


Overall Length of Dagger : 17"

Blade Length : 11.5"

Handle Length : 5.1"

Approx Weight : 600gm

Rondel Dagger


Overall Length of Dagger : 44.45cm

Blade Length : 31.75cm

Handle Length :  12.7cm

Approx Weight : 540gm

14th Century Roundel Dagger with Leather Scabbard                


Rondell Dagger 14th Century it was worn by many people, from merchant to knight. It was mainly used for self-defence but it could also be drawn in battle. It was worn at the waist and used as a utility tool, worn into battle or in a jousting tournament as a side arm.

Overall Length of Dagger : 55.5cm

Blade Length : 43cm

Handle Length : 12.5cm

Approx Weight  : 798 Gm