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Medieval Sword with Scabbard


This 12th Century Medieval Sword is a classic Knight's sword. Swords of this type would have used throughout Europe. It has an evenly tapering blade with fuller running nearly the entire length. The straight cross guard and wheel pommel are made of solid steel, while the grip is made of hardwood wrapped in black leather.

Sword Length : 37"                               

Blade Length : 30"                              

Approx Weight with Scabbard : 1.840 Kg 

Merovingian Period Sword


Forged replica of early medieval sword (Merovingian dynasty type) was found in Finland. It has hand carved handle, made of very high quality wood with smooth finish. The sword is functional and used for collectible purposes.

Sword Length : 36.5"                              Blade Length : 30.5"                              Handle Length : 6"                             

Approx Weight with Scabbard : 1.054 Kg 

Roman Gladius Sword with Scabbard


The Gladius was a short sword used for stabbing from behind a large shield. It was perfect for the highly effective tactics that the Legionnaires developed.  This weapon was the mainstay of the Roman Empire.

Sword Length : 28.5"

Blade Length : 19.5"

Approx Weight with Scabbard : 1.570 Kg