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Viking Ocular Helmet Hand Made for Re Enactment Fights           


This helmet is Great for re-enacting or costumes. The soldier vision is better. Double protection on the top of the helmet. Face and top is decorated by hammering.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

World War II German Military Helmet


Stahlhelm is German for "steel helmet". The Imperial German Army began to replace the traditional spiked combat helmet with the Stahlhelm during World War I in 1916. The term Stahlhelm refers more specifically to the distinctive (and iconic) German design. The, German Military Helmet with its distinctive coal scuttle  shape, was instantly recognizable and became a common element of military propaganda on both sides.

Available in 18 gauge.

Gladiator Helmet with Nails


This functional Spaniard replica helmet was used in famous “Gladiator Movie”. It use 18 gauge thick steel for armour. Protection elegant and majestic in looks. On top, contoured crest has 16 gauge steel spikes which give scaring effect. Rears of helmet protect neck. Front of helmet has steel visor so face is protected.

Visored Bascinet Closed Combat Helmet


This Battle Ready Bascinet with Flap-Up-Visor is made from carbon steel. Gauge may slightly vary due to handcrafted prepration. A leather chin strap is included. This Combat Helmet was used in the 14th century to lessen and redirect impacts to the face and head. The wedge-like shape of the visor and the whole helmet allows direct blows to be bounced off the helmet. The hinged visor gives a good vision and ventilation.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Kettle Hat with bands, Natural Finish


Available in 16 gauge

Finish : Natural

Material : Mild Steel

Hellenistic Thracian Helmet


It is a simple yet straight-forward design that ensures a great deal of protection, crest along the top of the helmet, making it a great helmet for a warlord like Alexander the Great. A flared back protects the nape of the neck, while a short visor along the front ensures protection to the warriors face with clear vision. Crest on top serves the  great purpose of identifying, so that a warlord could wear this helmet into battle and not get lost in the chaos. For battle, you could not ask for a better helmet to protect your skull & if you are not fighting, it is a great collector’s item.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Greek Corinthian Armor Helmet With Plume


This is a finely crafted steel Greek Corinthian helmet, complete with a spectacular full length horse hair plume gracing the top. It is no wonder that the Corinthian helmet is depicted in more greek and roman sculpture than any other type helmet, a romantic symbol of glory and the past. perfect for religious pageants and theatrical productions. Item Specification - Classic Greek Corinthian helmet reproduction - finely crafted of steel, full length hosehair plume - fully wearable or great for impressive display - high quality hand crafted product - material: Steel.  

Available in 18 gauge.

Sugar Loaf Helmet


Available in 18 gauge.

German Helmet


This sallet helmet, with popular gothic styling was favourite of the German armourers in the late 1400's. Original helmets still exist in museums and castles collections including the famous “Tower of London in England”.  As many of the original owners of such cherished armour were of blue blood, they could afford the best in style and craftsmanship.

Available in 18 gauge.

Medieval Steel Hat Helmet


Available in 18 gauge.

Spangenhelm Helmet


Available in 18 gauge

General Themistokles Helmet


This Helmet, used by General Themistocles, is an interpretation of the classic Greek helmet, offering solid protection in bronze as well as a unique crest to mark the wearer as important. This helmet is prepared from high quality steel and offers an antiqued bronze finish, which lends the helmet a more down-to-earth appearance. Perhaps the most characteristic aspect of the helmet is the crest, which features a cut-out to make it conspicuous and identifiable.

Available in 18 gauge.

Celtic La Tene Helmet 3rd Century BC


This helmet type is named after the region of Montefortino in Italy, where helmet was first uncovered in a Celtic burial. Montefortino helmets are generally characterized by a conical or round shape with a raised central knob, and a protruding neck guard as well as cheek plates to protect the sides of the head. This helmet offers excellent level of protection. Design Based on an Actual Archaeological Find. A Great Display Piece or Collector’s Item. Also makes for a Great Medieval Gift Idea.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Viking Helmet


Available in 18 gauge.

Medieval Steel Helmet


Available in 18 gauge.

Medieval Steel Helmet


Available in 18 gauge.

Medieval Flared Barbute Fighting Combat Helmet


This is a Functional Battle Ready Combat Helmet. A Barbute (termed a barbuta in Italian) is a visor less war helmet of 15th-century Italian design, often with distinctive "T" Sharped opening of the eyes and mouth. Its made of steel with liner and chin straps. The defining characteristic of the barbute is the fact that the shape of the helmet extends all the way down to cover both sides of the face. This design of helmet enabled the user to wear a gorget or mail collar.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Viking Combat Helmet


As war was the most prestigious activity in Viking Age Scandinavia, beautifully finished weapons were an important way for a warrior to display his wealth and status. This helmet is beautifully etched around the eyelets with brass stripes on top. Viking combat Helmet is battle-ready. It has a butted chainmail avantail integral.

Available in 16 & 18 Gauge.

Roman Centurion Helmet With Iron Attachment


The distinctive feature is the brass attachment with which the plume can be attached to the helmet with the help of leather strings.

• It is made of hand-forged 20 gauge.
• It comes complete with brass trims and a red horse hair crest. The hair crest can be placed either horizontally or vertically as per order.

• The helmet comes with a riveted, high-quality and adjustable leather liner and chinstrap and authentic brass buckle.


• Internal Diameter Front to back 23 cm

• Internal Diameter Side to Side 18.5 cm

• Internal circumference 64 cm.

Medieval Steel Helmet


Available in 18 gauge

Finish : Natural

Material : Mild Steel

Viking Helmet Hand Made for ReEnactment Fights               


Replica of a Viking helmet known as Gjermundbu (Name of Norwegian farmer, who found it in 1943). Butted aventail is included, The original is exhibited in the museum Kulturhistorisk, Oslo.  Fully wearable helmetmade of solid steel . Used For Re-enactment Fights.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Crusader Helmet


Available in 18 gauge.

Gothic Knight Helmet


This helmet is depicted in a number of contemporary illustrations, indicating its popularity. The riveted cross fleury  is  not only decorative but also provides extra protection for the face. The ring at the top of the Helmet is for decoration only. When a noble lady gave her knight a token of her favor, he would fasten it to this ring to turn the entire ensemble into a crest.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

14th Century Great Helmet


In its simplest form, the great helmet was a flat-topped cylinder of steel that completely covered the head and had only very small openings for the eyes and mouth. Although the great helm offered enormously superior protection than previous helmets, , it limited the wearer's peripheral vision, and in addition to being heavy, provided little ventilation and could quickly overheat in hot weather.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Spangenhelm Helmet


Available in 18 gauge

Celtic Helmet Agen-port 1st century BC


French Celtic helmet is named partially for its origins, and partially because it is modeled after a Celtic helmet that was unearthed in France. Made from quality metal and features a simple protective design. This helmet also features simple extensions along the side, which are design to protect the wearers ears and cheeks. French Celtic helmet is a fantastic reproduction of a classic looking Celtic helmet, the type that likely would have been common among Celtic foot soldiers, who would have wanted maximum protection.      

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

German Sallet Helmet


The sallet (also called celata, salade and schaller) was a  popular and famous war helmet that replaced the bascinet during the mid-15th century. In Italy, France and England the armet helmet was also popular, but in Germany the sallet became almost universal. The origin of the sallet seems to have been in Italy. The sallet became popular in France, England and the Netherlands through contact with Italy and eventually was adopted in Germany. Fully wearable for re-enactment and would make a great addition to any collection.

Available in 18 & 16 gauge.

Visored Barbuta Helmet        


Available in 18 & 16 Gauge.