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Punched Tin Lantern


By the 1800's, the pierced tin lantern known as the Paul Revere style had gained considerable popularity. These candle lamps were more rugged than lanterns with expensive glass panes, which were hard to come by. Our tin lamp is based on an historic example and hand-punched like the originals. At 13-1/2" high and 4-3/4" in diameter, it holds a standard 9" beeswax candle and is ideal for camps, tents or tipis.



This uniquely designed lantern features 3 glass sides with 4 horizontal wires for extra strength as well as protection from breakage. It is historically correct and perfect for an area where you need light in all directions. Measures 6" wide by 11" tall, plus the loop.

Medieval Style Lantern


This beautiful, elegant looking lantern is hand crafted in blackened steel with translucent horn panels and a ring to attach a carrying stick. This particular lantern is made for use with a candle.