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Medieval Leather Whip


This the Medieval Genuine Leather Whip. This whip features many leather straps with a long handle. The leather around the handle has been sewn on securely and is padded with foam for better grip and convenience. This whip features about 29 individual leather straps which are about the length of the handle. It is made of genuine suede leather.

Overall Length : 22"

Approx Weight : 135 Gm

Leather Horsewhip Black-Brown


Overall Length : 40"

Approx Weight : 200 Gm

Leather Horsewhip


Overall Length : 40"

Approx Weight : 198 Gm

Cat of Nine Tails Whip


Size : 26"

Approx Weight : 210 Gm

Medieval Leather Whip


Overall Length : 112"

Approx Weight : 298 Gm

Medieval Leather Whip


Overall Length : 40"

Approx Weight : 205 Gm

Cat of Nine Tails Whip - Leather Whip


This is a recreation of the Classic Nine-Tailed whip made from braided brown leather. The whip was used for punishing till recently. Generally dungeons (prisons) use it for frightening and threatening undisciplined prisoners. This impressive whip is made from fine leather, and it recreates the look of the cat-o-nine-tails of medieval days. It features nine tails of leather, each tipped with a leather knot, designed so that when swung, the knots hits and leaves stinging impression. Grip Gives Plenty of Room to Hold.

Size : 26"

Approx Weight : 235 Gm

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