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Mini Tournament Helmet


This miniature tournament helmet worn by ancient warriors would make an interesting conversation piece and also look great in any home as a collector’s item or decoration piece. Key Features are quality construction authentic detailing.

Mini Roman Helmet        SKU-700377

This red plumed mini roman helmet, exact replica of actual helmet which was used by warriors. This intricate designed helmet would make a great decoration piece/gift item.

Approx Weight of Helmet : 296 Gm

Mini Corinthian Helmet With Red Plume SKU-700407

This colorful mini helmet is exact replica of the actual helmet. It’s a real classy decoration piece/gift item with superb workmanship.

Approx Weight of Helmet : 305 Gm

Mini Sutton Hoo Helmet        SKU-700376

This exquisite decorative mini helmet is important find from Sutton Hoo in the English County of Suffolk. This electroplated helmet mounted on a wooden stand makes it an attractive decorative piece/gift item.

Approx Weight of Helmet : 290 Gm

Pig Face Mini Helmet


Constructed of steel, this is a small, hand-made helmet that will add to any medieval collection. “pig face” is a strictly modern term given to the helmets which originated in Europe in the early 14thcentury where protective combat helmets were referred to as “bascinets. They were worn under the heavier, cumbersome helmets, which were often removed in the heat of battle for better visibility.

Mini Crusader Helmet


This extraordinary helmet is an exact replica of the bigger full size version. With a number of holes and brass fittings, It’s detail is exceptional & It’s got striking looks. This exquisite helmet makes a perfect decorative piece for any home, and makes a great gift item.